Seven questions and answers about baby swimming

When should we start?

                       As early as possible..from the age of 3 month up to 3 years.


How long is a lesson?

                       Be prepared for 30 minute of real fun with your little one!


How much does a lesson cost?

                       One lesson costs 4 000 Ft or we are selling 4 session passes for 14 000 Ft which you can use within 5 weeks.


When should I feed my child?

                       At least 45 minute before the lesson starts.


What if my child is ill?

                       Please stay at home if you or your child has temperature, any type of contagion, diarrhea or vomiting.


What should I bring with me?

                       I like to use a double nappy system. It means one swimming nappy underneath and one re-useable nappy.

                       Swimming nappies are available in drugstores or supermarkets and re-useable nappies can be purchased from me.

                       Other than these you will only need towel, swimming costume, slippers.


In what way can my baby improve durring these lessons?


  • coordination
  • socal skills
  • endurance
  • language


  • vestibular system
  • lung capacity
  • core strength
  • immune function
  • development of central nervous system


  • sleep cycles
  • bond with your child