Why choose Budapest Baby Swimming?

Qualified teacher with a lot of experience

UV filter system, very low water chlorine level

Private pool with no public use

Lots of toys and lots of singing

Maximum six pairs in the water at once

Beautiful location, free parking

Parents wrote about Budapest Baby Swimming

"When we first came to the Baby Swimming, my daughter, 9 months old, was a little skeptical, but 5 minutes in the water and she loved it. Already after the first class I could see a little change in here movements later at home, she was moving a lot on her side. But the change after the second class was impressive. It took her like one day after class and she got it how to sit an her own, rolling on the side and supporting by her arms her weight. She never did that before. After the third class, she was moving even more. She is toddling now around the flat, without fear, I think, that also her self-confidence is growing and growing with the baby swimming. For me it is a perfect way for babys to discover their body and the world outside."Sanne D. from Germany
"Aniko is a fantastic swim teacher for kids, really friendly and attentive, and I have a strong sense that she has a real working method and is committed to helping my son get comfortable in the water. He's making lots of progress learning to swim (he's 18 months). Also the pool and facilities are clean and cosy, the groups are small, and Aniko is as helpful as could be. I look forward to the classes every week, and from what I can tell, my son enjoys them immensely, too!"Aaron L. from the Isle of Skye in Scotland
"I started the babyswim course with my 4 month old baby in London and we were loving it. Our instructor in London was Aniko. She is so attentive and filled us all with confidence as I think the parents are probably more scared than the babies most of the time! She was great with the babies and mums paid attention to all of us and was very easy to understand her instructions - I would recommend her and babyswim as well to all new parents, not just for the baby and their safety around water, but it's also a lovely bonding experience and lots of fun. My son enjoys taking a bath at home much more since we participate in baby swimming classes."Dora L. from London, England