1. My Story
  2. My Qualifications
  3. My Philosophy
  4. My Method
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My Story

My name is Aniko Treszler-Csernyi. I studied P.E. at University of Szeged and got qualified there as a swimming instructor. When I finished university in 2006 I thought I need to improve my English so I moved to London and stuck there for over six years. I became a lifeguard first then a swimming instructor and soon I found myself in the water with babies! That was the moment when I really fell in love with my job! I taught almost 400 babies each week so I managed to gain a wide range of experience. In 2013 my heart pulled me back Home and I was very sad to leave my little swimmers behind but when I got back one of the first thing was starting to set up my own baby and toddler swimming club. You are very welcome to be part of the journey!

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My Qualifications

2013 - Baby Swimming Teacher Certificate

2012 - NPLQ / STA Level 2 Beginers Swimming Teaching Certificate

2006 - B.Ed. - PE Teacher – Recreation Organizer

                                                                 2005 - Hungarian Level 2 Swimming Instructor


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My Philosophy

My mission is to give an experince lasting for a life for you and for your child as you create a stronger bond with each other. Your baby's motor skills are not developed enough before the age of 3 to teach them any stork. However, baby swimming will make them confident in the water, they will learn to dive, glide, kick their legs and float on their back. During my carrier I have seen many different teaching methods and used most of them in practice. I managed to build up my own way of teaching using all the good exercises and leaving the "not so good ones" behind. As I was working in the water with over 400 babies a week I had the chance to see many different babies and parents how they react in different situations. Babies in this age react as you react, they sense everything. If you are happy and relaxed in the water then your baby will love and enjoy the new experience!

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My Method

I have got a method which designed to teach children from the age of twelve weeks to three years. My goal with baby swimming is not only to teach babies to dive but to build a strong bond and confidence in the water while they develop their surviving skills and to support them to be able to learn swimming easily after the age of three. For these reasons I designed a clear and structured teaching method with classes for different progress levels. Lessons are thirty minutes long as I know it is very difficult to keep the babies and even the parents attention for longer and this way we can finish all the exercieses properly without getting exhausted. I always suggest one parent per child as both parents distracts the baby's attention.